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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Very Basic Text to Speech Program Almond Mitchell 9/27/2001 Music/Sounds 17022
I haven't found one like this b4..So I decided to make one that has everything, like system tray icon w/ tool tip and menu that you can either right click or left click,custom color tool tip and much more..I hope this project will help you a bit.By the way, I had just started VB for nearly a month ... Dexter Zafra 9/18/2001 Music/Sounds 7534
There are a lot of code to produce a Beep (trough PC Speaker) with specified frequency and duration Some are short but only works under NT, other are long. Here is my version composed with help of others from this site. You need win95io.dll ! Pierre Ciparisse 9/16/2001 Music/Sounds 7697
voice recognition/speech recognition program using microsoft sapi sdk changchyi 9/13/2001 Music/Sounds 16342
Another version of my JMPlayer *latest*. Has volume control and mute button. Plays MP3, WAV, MPGs, etc. Visible Mediaplayer to view video files such as MPGs. File options to load or save using common dialog thus allow saving of playlist as determined by user. Jaafar Bin Yusof 9/9/2001 Music/Sounds 8078
Slows down video or audio Chuck 9/7/2001 Music/Sounds 7559
An improved version of my JMPlayer. Plays MP3, WAV, MPGs, etc. Visible Mediaplayer to view video files such as MPGs. Added the delete buttons to manage the album and playlist. Jaafar Bin Yusof 9/3/2001 Music/Sounds 6614
Plays MP3 files and has added the album and playlist text files. This was an improvement from my earlier version of the JMPlayer. Jaafar Bin Yusof 8/30/2001 Music/Sounds 6119

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