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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
MP3/WAV graphical equalizer. Ionescu Claudiu 2/2/2001 Music/Sounds 14977
A small CD player that can minimize to the system tray. It can control it when it is in the system tray. NicholsSoftware 1/22/2001 Music/Sounds 7014
Almost Invisible Mp3 Player Just a dot on the screen Instructions to use when you run the program. GaRfIeLd 1/19/2001 Music/Sounds 6661
Plays MP3 Files. GaRfIeLd 1/16/2001 Music/Sounds 7835
Karaoke Player -- Karaoke Class opens a karaoke file (*.kar) and it extracts the necessary information for the execution of the file. It synchronizes the text with the music. Pure code, doesn't use ocx or dll, just lots of API calls. Fausto C. Arruda 1/14/2001 Music/Sounds 10337
Music player somewhat similar to winamp which will play mp3 and wav files. prasanna & srikanth 12/27/2000 Music/Sounds 8550
this code creates an awesome effect of a fireworks display that goes to the music of your mp3 player. it also contains a spectrum analyzer from 600hz to 16khz. this doesnt work with windowsmedia.ocx. This needs actual sound so you need a player that plays through the soundcard like winamp. a couple... sabotage 12/26/2000 Music/Sounds 12731
This program was written to play music cds, play midi/wav file,s make playlists of designated midi/wav files (playlists are saved using the program''s own extention "*.pyl"). A number of techniques are demonstrated, including adjusting volume controls, using skins to decorate the form, using the re... Marty Forde 12/25/2000 Music/Sounds 8194

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