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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Code for the missing file TRIANGLE.PFM in Bernt Figaro 6/6/2000 Music/Sounds 7521
Make a name and a time list for all midifiles in current directory. Bernt Figaro 6/4/2000 Music/Sounds 11167
MP3 player. Features an eaisly customizable playlist interface, with saving and automatic loading! Also, loads CD Audio into a playlist so you can select any track to play. Can do random, continous, or single playing types. Very good graphical interface and user friendly. Easy to read code for eas... Mike Schmoyer 6/1/2000 Music/Sounds 11710
This is a Complete Mp3 Player With Many Great Features! It Has Play Lists That You Can Configure, Then Save Them and Load Them Up When You Want Them Again. It Can Repeat The Playlist Over and Over Again or Only Play Through It Once. You Can Also Set A Time For It to Stop Playing The Mp3 and Eve... VisualScope 5/31/2000 Music/Sounds 13222
After playing a song using MediaPlayer Controls from a list box, it goes on to the next song in a list and plays it. Great Code!!!!! VisualScope 5/29/2000 Music/Sounds 9787
Another MP3 Player ! This was built as a test prog for a local hospital radio station. Using the MSMedia Player, you can set mp3 files to 12 buttons. These can then be fired with a click of a button. Code to work out time and back time. Nice starting prog if new to MP3. Prog name : FastTrack. ... Mike Walker 4/30/2000 Music/Sounds 10486
CD Player...with volume control and a combo box for easier track selection. Evan Silich 4/9/2000 Music/Sounds 11747
Plays Wave files, Midi files, AVI Video files...(and even MP3s if you've got WinAmp installed) :) You should put all the code below (the declarations and the main code straight after) into a class module and use it like: Dim mmPlayer as clsMultimedia ' Assuming you called the class ... Matthew Ralston 3/28/2000 Music/Sounds 12929

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