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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
The only music player that shows the words as it plays by first downloading them by internet and can even turn off your computer when the playlist is done playing! Sacha Crompton 3/28/2000 Music/Sounds 8222
If you convert MP3 or Real Audio Format''s to Wave files for recording to CD''s, this little program can serve you well. If you put the exe file in your wave song directory it will open files from that directory (directly). Some features....... How to use the Common Dialog Box to Open Fi... John Cunningham 3/23/2000 Music/Sounds 10034
All programmers neeed lots of psycical training before the hard work. Here is an eaxmple how to do a workout. While this is mainly for entertainment, it does also demonstrate how to play a MIDI file and an AVI file. Bernt Figaro 3/19/2000 Music/Sounds 7297
Ok some people want to put wavs/mp3's/etc on there forms and have other people listen to them not just you! what would be the point of u putting a wav that only u can listen to?, the only way they would be able to is by sending them the wav but not anymore here is a way to encrypt a file using OLE Gothic Plague 3/19/2000 Music/Sounds 10407
This code will play an mp3/wav file without the need of the MM control. This code was found and modified to fix a couple of bugs. The winmm.dll is unable to handle spaces in a filename DeepSea 3/19/2000 Music/Sounds 14065
I downloaded this from somewhere on the net (can''t remember where). I have altered it a bit. PLEASE NOTE: I have changed it from creating it''s own .ini file, because when it loads it loads your last settings from you last HiScore. It plays MIDI files and has sound. You can select how many credits... BJ 3/18/2000 Music/Sounds 7082
A little jukebox with speech (announcing melody and time for playing). Uses MS MCIWNDX.OCX, MS XVOICE.DLL and THEMA POLYFORMCONTROL1 (OCX) Bernt Figaro 3/16/2000 Music/Sounds 9517
OK, Im sorry for the others but, now this on it works Mp3,Wav,CD,MID, change Id tag, and more... Felipe Zuleta 3/16/2000 Music/Sounds 12204

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