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This has a class module included showing you how I used api calls to read a music cd and make a relative simple cd player. It has a broad example included, and you can get an idea of how you can make your very own cd player. Send questions to Josh Walters -MatrixMan 3/11/2000 Music/Sounds 6667
Play midi files and receive notification callbacks to easily implement repeating music. No special controls needed it's done through API! Larry Allen 3/8/2000 Music/Sounds 6856
Version two of the MP3 Player I posted last month. Plays MP3 Files with the use of a library. Utilizes Multithreading and Subclassing techniques. Does not require seperate ActiveX controls such as ActiveMovie. Interface somewhat redone, id3 tag support added and new functions added. visit http:/... hellz 3/4/2000 Music/Sounds 15671
This code utilizes subclassing and multithreading technology to play MP3 files. NO OTHER DEPENDENCIES NEEDED. NO ACTIVE MOVIE, NO OTHER CODECS, OCX's REQUIRED! This is a must have! It's extremely rare, can't be found at practically any other site! hellz 2/29/2000 Music/Sounds 15992
Mateus Player is a complete program to listen and organize your .wav files. To send any comments or to get the source code, please, send an E-mail to: Mateus Bezerra Lima 2/14/2000 Music/Sounds 6434
Create advanced sounds and sound effects at runtime. Then edit them and manipulate them in many different ways. All this without the need for large sound files. Simply uses the Windows API! Liquid Wave V2 From vbGo 2/12/2000 Music/Sounds 11940
A way of keeping track of the activemovie position! verry useful for vb mp3 players Steven Bailey (Cyrix) 1/15/2000 Music/Sounds 9509
Plays a wav file nikhil 12/21/1999 Music/Sounds 7963

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