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The JD Wave Studio features a function generator, a WAV recorder/editor/player, and graphic display. Functions: sine/square/triangle. Modulation: AM/FM/PSK. Edit waveform: cut/copy/paste/mix. Special FX: backwards echo/encryption. MP3 and AIF support. Convert: rate/format/channels. Uses DirectX. J.J. Dobson 2/26/2010 Music/Sounds 4747
This program is for enjoyment with the computer and make him speak what you type in input box. in windows xp the voice will come of a man in windows vista/7 the voice will come of a girl Lokesh Dewani 8/26/2009 Music/Sounds 9469
LISTA MP3 Crea lista m3u in ogni cartella Crea lista txt di tutti gli mp3 contenuti nella cartella selezionata con annessi titoli album tramite copia dei nomi delle cartelle. Create m3u list in each folder Txt Create list of all the mp3 in the folder selected with attached album titles by copy of f... Massimiliano 3/25/2009 Music/Sounds 4374
Play Wav Files and Others By Clicking a Command Button (Fixed) Jonh Kevin 10/9/2008 Music/Sounds 11773
Play Wav Files and Others By Clicking a Command Button Jonh Kevin 10/2/2008 Music/Sounds 9000
How to Play .MP3 Without Any .OCX Alexander Anikin 12/23/2007 Music/Sounds 16045
How to work with window media player in VB.NET project Faisal Kafeel 3/6/2007 Music/Sounds 10771
mp3 by mmcontrol .ocx ahmed salah arife 3/2/2007 Music/Sounds 12228

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