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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Wave Editor with Fast Fourier Transform Filter Takis Firipidis 8/12/2004 Music/Sounds 10702
This is a Mp3 Player. It comes with a picture viewer. Find a great playlist, with all options under a right click. Check out the volume which utilizes the maximum sound your system can give. Also the options like repeat and Shuffle. Anand.J 6/17/2004 Music/Sounds 10920
A simple (SAPI) voice recognition program which works. Neal Shaw 5/12/2004 Music/Sounds 11725
Language Translator Gizmo Speech Recognition Description: Translates langauges, I say Hello into microphone, computer says Ciao out of speaker. like those Sci-Fi Translation Gizmo in the movie The Last Star Fighter. Maybe the U.N can make use of it. You will need the 5.1 speech sdk get this operat... Tony G 4/16/2004 Music/Sounds 8546
Make your own Windows XP Microsoft Sam. (Text to Speech) Titus Revised 4/11/2004 Music/Sounds 14842
Cool MP3 Player -- mp3 player with many and many features and Functions like: 1-add mp3 files with multi select 2-add directory 3-Player commands : play,stop,pause,next,prev 4-options with position bar + volume bar + change sound source to left or right side 5-load mp3 files info like (Album ,Artis... Ali Ghanem 3/7/2004 Music/Sounds 12883
USing MMcontrol ,retrieve the CD details.You can play the song ,etc.. Martin Anbu Selvan 2/26/2004 Music/Sounds 10327
This is a simple Paper, Rock, Scissors game I made. It is my first VB 6.0 project. Eddie Rogers 2/9/2004 Music/Sounds 6941

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