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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Easy to use functions to take advantage of the export and import abilities of Microsoft RegEdit to export or import Registry keys using RegEdit's Command Line Interface. Tom Parkison 9/21/2001 Registry 7998
Unfinished Registry Editor. that allows making shortcuts to commonly used registry keys. Jason Riley Credits to Melvin Tucker 7/28/2001 Registry 6041
This visual basic 6 program contains the Simple Registry Active X control. It will allow you to perform simple registry functions without the need to declare all of the functions from the Windows Library. It will allow you to create/delete keys, set/get string values and dwords. It also allows y... Eric Dorothy 7/7/2001 Registry 7516
Create File association in 10 lines of code (VerySimple) BrijMohan k 6/2/2001 Registry 9993
Giving days limit to your Shareware Program (30 days only). Charlie M. Valizado 6/1/2001 Registry 17561
This project will protect your software from illegal use after the evaluation period is over. This uses an elegant of using the Registry Settings with minimal code. Give me a feedback on this project. N.Indrasena Reddy 5/9/2001 Registry 10502
The Registrator II is designed to quickly and easily register a big sequence of system files (*.dll/*.ocx/*.tlb), thus solving many registry problems, and repairing system registry. If You encounter problems with ANY software (saying that the component/library is missing or is not properly registe... Diplodock 4/30/2001 Registry 7803
Store and restore window size and position in your applications with this simple procedure. Matt Terry 4/27/2001 Registry 9544

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