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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Full application, with no restrictions, that allows a user to click check boxes which change certain Windows registry values. JerBer Applications 1/12/2000 Registry 12019
Registry Functions Dean Allen 12/10/1999 Registry 24047
Loads the user name and company from the registry, into an text box so that it can be changed and changes applyed. Max261 10/24/1999 Registry 12999
The following has been writen to read registry. This program will get the username, password and Database name from NT registry. Only thing you need to know is the registry path and the decryption algorithm. When I wrote this program the objective was to read the registry and login in to the da... Mark Balasundram 9/28/1999 Registry 17422
Copy the contents to a Class module and you've got a standard common dialog class, without using the common dialog control Alain Kinet 6/9/1999 Registry 10532
Use TAPI32 to dial a telephone number. Anonymous 4/28/1999 Registry 20542
A nice class wrapper around the INIFile functions Waty Thierry 4/13/1999 Registry 12527
Create file association Waty Thierry 3/30/1999 Registry 24931

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