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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
This program monitors the registry for changes in the startup sections. Arkadiy Olovyannikov 8/21/2004 Registry 9168
Read and Write Registry. Murali Bala 8/5/2004 Registry 16252
ODBC Driver installed in your computer Murali Bala 6/29/2004 Registry 9015
hi i'm new in vb, and i have a question is their a way to add a string to the registry and where i i want to force a program to run at startup IN SAFE MODE?!?!? plz help. JAD 6/17/2004 Registry 6937
Easily retrieve registry information with a few lines of coding Virendra Shah 5/31/2004 Registry 9290
reads/writes registry value richard hanning 4/22/2004 Registry 14127
allows you to create registry keys, values, strings, dwords, get strings and dword values, and delete keys and values using the functions savekey, getstring, savestring, getdword, savedword, deletekey, and deletevalue saibaman 4/13/2004 Registry 14027
Disables Task Manager - Designed for XP! -By Wasted Coders Inc- Wasted Coders Inc 3/7/2004 Registry 9288

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