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Author: T.Jackson
Date Submitted: 3/13/2010
Compatibility: .NET
This file has been downloaded 16443 times.

Task: Blaster Master (World Edition) by Trent Jackson. Written in Visual Basic 2008; this 2D shooter is arguably a hybrid of Galaga and Space Invaders. Key abstract elements from both games can be clearly seen, and a touch of originality attempts to give it some better flavor. Vector scrolling, pickups, modern upbeat music and heaps of other special effects. The all very powerful FMOD sound engine is implemented for MP3 music and wav sound effects. GDI+ is used entirely throughout for rendering. Blaster Master runs at a considerably good clip. The game engine is governed at 50fps (which is typical for a game) -- and on a Pentium 4 3.0GHz machine (5-year-old computer now) -- it takes around 10mS on average to render a frame. Consequently this means that there is still plenty of time to spare. A game running at 50fps equates to 20mS p/frame. Presumably most people running VB2008 will have considerably modern machines at their disposal. The FMOD.dll should be placed in the debug directory. If you have problems obtaining the FMOD dll then e-mail me and I will forward you a copy of it. 2.59MB download.

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